Dry gas seal testing and repair now available locally

Dec 02, 2004

Although John Crane has always provided customer support and service on a genuinely global scale, an expanded network of service facilities offering rapid and easy access to state-of-the-art gas seal testing and refurbishment also ensures 24/7 service on a local level. While many providers are downsizing, consolidating and even outsourcing, John Crane has increased the number of its service centers and mobile support engineers around the globe.

Beyond ensuring timely delivery of products, the availability of local service centers means you aren't locked into sending a seal back to a single location in a far off country for repair. In practical terms, this fast-track refurbishment turnaround equates to reduced downtime, a minimized supply chain, faster response from service engineers, and maximized reliability. Further, local facilities allow your engineers to witness first-hand the stripping and inspection of components; disassembly and refurbishment of seals; as well as testing at operating conditions. Such personal interaction in your language allows your team the opportunity to engage in training and troubleshooting face-to-face, which often results in identifying root causes of any associated equipment failures.

Each John Crane Service Center is equipped to perform dry gas seal testing under typical operating conditions (i.e., 150 bar at 15,000 rpm for gas seals) without the need to send the unit out of the country. Using modern and technologically advanced seal test and refurbishment facilities, John Crane is able to combine the rebuilding of individual components with other refurbishment operations to restore a seal to its peak. Teams are offshore certified, offering you a wealth of experience in the repair, installation and troubleshooting of dry gas seals. By combining this with its on-site repair facility, John Crane says it can cut turnaround times by up to 70 percent, saving you time and money.

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