Industrial and utility customers optimize overall lifecycle of their assets

Dec 02, 2004

ABB is committed to providing lifecycle optimization services for customers. The company considers the entire product lifecycle and business relationship, putting a structure in place to support each customer with a clear service and migration path. This approach can help to optimize a future move to new features, more efficient technology, and/or a different type of product, if necessary.

Choosing a business model that provides flexibility is safer than overinvesting capital in production up front. One way of doing this is to outsource non-core activities so that a supplier, like ABB, shares the risk. This allows the company to focus attention on improving core performance, while ABB focuses on providing the performance management services that are core to our business.

The practice of outsourcing plant automation technology is gaining rapid acceptance among firms already experienced in outsourcing IT functions. ABB recognizes this trend and has embodied it within its Industrial IT strategy.

Typical sources of value for the client include:

  • Process and production optimization
  • Business application and decision support tools
  • Fewer incidents and a reduction in production stoppages
  • Reliability and utilization improvement
  • Technology refresh Improved plant safety

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