Workplace Electrical Safety

Everyone in the workplace uses electricity in the performance of assigned tasks throughout their workday day.  To ensure the safe use and maintenance of electrical systems and tools, companies must have clearly written inclusive electrical safety programs that are in compliance with country, regional and local regulations that direct all activities for the entire workforce whenever electricity is utilized. This blog will primarily focus on three areas. The employer’s electrical safety programs required by either the US or Canada, a comparison of similarities or differences between the two and most importantly, how to address the challenges of changing the workplace culture to ensure compliance to electrical safety programs and ensuring worker safety. Two subject matter experts in the NFPA 70E and CSA Z462 will moderate the conversation and facilitate an effective and applicable conclusion for all participants. It will include worker safety topics ranging from safety by design, and electrical specific PPE, tools & equipment to the operation of electrical equipment by any worker at any time. Comments and questions are encouraged of all participants in what should be a lively and relevant topic.