Up close and personal

Greetings from a cubicle in Illinois. We are hard at work here on the June issue, and I'm already on my third cup of coffee. Do you want a sneak preview? I can't divulge too much information, but if you are a fan of lean maintenance, vibration analysis or boiler inspections, then this is the issue for you.

Were you able to attend last week’s Ultrasound World VIII Conference? If not, check out Mike’s and Stanton’s coverage of the conference. Read “Biggest Ultrasound World Conference Yet” on our Plant Ambassador blog and “Update - Where ultrasound fits into condition monitoring” on our Second Opinion blog. Play some soothing ocean sounds while you read through their blogs, and it will be just like being there.

Have you submitted an entry for Caption the Moment, our latest caption contest? John Hagar and Raymond Tweedale already have. What are you waiting for? Time is running out. Send us your best caption and receive a shout out in one of our newsletters, in our blogs, and on our social media sites. Here’s my caption: One day, this hard hat caterpillar will turn into a butterfly valve. Get it? Butterfly valve?

Speaking of things that are more fun than working, Plant Services has unveiled another feature today: Maintenance Close-Up. Test your product knowledge. All you have to do is correctly identify the product pictured. We’ve used a macro lens and some creative cropping to make it a little more challenging. Is this a work lamp, welding helmet or fuse block? You’ll have to play to find out. 

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