They say it's your anniversary, Mike Bacidore

Mike Bacidore will be celebrating five years with Putman Media this Monday. (Three cheers for celebratory lunch!) Although he started out on Control Design (view Mike's articles on, he's really connected with our maintenance and reliability readers. Plant Services would not be the same without him. Be sure to send him a congratulatory tweet @MikeBacidore.

Speaking of our fearless leader, check out his latest post on Plant Ambassador, “Let's get technical ... with SKF in Philadelphia”. This post recounts Mike’s trip to Philadelphia, where he met up with Jon Stevens, vice president of solution factories, SKF North America, and Paul Jeppesen, president and CEO of SKF North America. Check out Jon and Paul in Where in the World Is Plant Services?

We just put the finishing touches on the July issue, and it promises to be the best issue yet. (I think I say that every month.) On the digital side, here’s the latest articles posted on, in case you missed them.

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