Life's a beach, why not caption the moment

It's been a rather quiet week here at Plant Services. Most of the team is at the Ultrasound World VIII Conference in Florida learning about leak detection, electrical testing, mechanical inspection and software. When they're not sitting in on short-courses and tutorials, they're doing "work-related" relaxing on the beach. But I'm not jealous (Sarcasm).

This week, we rolled out another new feature on It’s called Caption the Moment. This monthly caption contest is perfect for relieving those mid-shift blues. It’s pretty simple. We provide the picture; you provide the caption. The winning caption will be featured on the Plant Services website, our Facebook page and in an upcoming Plant Services e-newsletter. Do you have a picture that you think is worthy of Caption the Moment? Don’t keep it to yourself. Send it to us. If your picture is fall-on-the-floor funny, it might be the star of next month’s Caption the Moment.

Are you a fan of fans? Then you will love this week’s Interview With a Product, staring Big Ass Fans' Powerfoil X2.0 fan. Learn what sets this fan apart from the competition, and even what its favorite animal is. Fun fact. Big Ass Fans' Powerfoil X2.0 is also the most popular product on Congratulations.

Did you have a chance to join our webcast on thermography? It was Stanton’s first webinar, and we all thought he did a great job. In this webinar, we learned about the use of infrared thermal imaging in various industrial settings, with stress on the cost savings resulting from cutting scrap, increasing throughput, solving quality problems, addressing safety issues, increasing uptime of machinery, and providing "fast-to-market" development times. If you didn’t have a chance to attend the live webcast, you can login and view it at your convenience.

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