Blogging around with Plant Services

The Plant Services blogs has been busy this week. Our editorial staff has been working tirelessly to bring you maintenance tips, tricks and opinions that you can use to better manage industrial activities at your plant.

Mike Bacidore’s post, Impact of machine-control safety standard is being felt, explores the latest global safety standard, EN ISO 13849-1. Are you unclear on the exact elements of EN ISO 13849-1? Don’t worry. Mike is here to help. In his post, Mike says that along with EN (IEC) 62061, EN ISO 13849-1 and 13849-2 use different systems of assessment than EN 954-1 did, and therefore many machines required recertification in order to comply.

This week, Stanton McGroarty posed a philosophical question to his loyal readers. Is finger pointed at the core of root cause analysis? In this week’s blog post, Making RCA useful, Stanton says that the RCA team’s objective isn’t to fix blame, but it’s hard to avoid some degree of finger pointing. How can you make RCA less about blame and more about achievement? When the mission is completed, a celebration is in order so that congratulations are at least as visible to the organization as the failure and the RCA were.

Joel Leonard, our very own Maintenance Evangelist, has been busy blogging this week too. His latest blog post, Hearts and minds need to change to win the fight against the Maintenance Crisis!, explores ways to capture the attention of the next generation of maintenance workers. Are you a fan of Joel Leonard? Check out his picture for Where In The World is Plant Services?

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