Where's Waldo? This AI-powered robot knows.

Robots will not be satisfied until they can do everything better than humans. It's not enough that they can perform repetitive tasks faster and more precisely than humans. Now they want to destroy the sacred text of our childhoods. I'm talking, of course, about "Where's Wado?" A new AI-powered robot is able to find Waldo almost instantaneously using Google’s AutoML Vision service. Will the madness ever end?

According to Dami Lee for The Verge: "Built by creative agency redpepper, There’s Waldo zeroes in and finds Waldo with a sniper-like accuracy. The metal robotic arm is a Raspberry Pi-controlled uArm Swift Pro which is equipped with a Vision Camera Kit that allows for facial recognition. The camera takes a photo of the page, which then uses OpenCV to find the possible Waldo faces in the photo. The faces are then sent to be analyzed by Google’s AutoML Vision service, which has been trained on photos of Waldo. If the robot determines a match with 95 percent confidence or higher, it’ll point to all the Waldos it can find on the page."

To learn more, read "This robot uses AI to find Waldo, thereby ruining Where’s Waldo" from The Verge.