The new face of sustainability, the latest addition to the Putman family, is an online information resource and community dedicated to advancing the sustainability of manufacturing and other industrial operations. Its mission is to share best practices and to identify the freshest ideas and most innovative solutions for mitigating the environmental impact of manufacturing operations over the long term and on a global basis.

According to the site, “A confluence of social, economic and environmental trends has contributed to the rise of sustainability as the key organizational performance metric of today and for the future. From a resource perspective, a growing global population and rising standard of living point to the need to produce more energy and yet use it more efficiently. These same demographic pressures apply to the optimal use and re-use of raw materials and water as well as the reduction of polluting emissions and waste. Further, growing evidence of climate change has raised awareness of the importance of reducing the production of greenhouse gases, notably carbon dioxide.”

This landscape is pushing manufacturing and other industrial organizations to measure and improve their performance against a new set of metrics that account for the long-term sustainability of their operations and business practices. And while sustainability has many aspects, its essential implications for the triple bottom line of economic growth, environmental stewardship and social progress can be clearly summarized as: “Operating our business in ways that meet the needs of the present without compromising the world we leave to the future."