Targeted Training: Variable frequency drives

Welcome to Targeted Training. Every week, we'll highlight a new training course from our Maintenance Management and Skills Training knowledge center. This week's training course is Variable Frequency Drives from American Trainco.

This seminar is designed for any person requiring a general knowledge and understanding of variable frequency drives (VFDs). In the area of facilities maintenance, American Trainco will cover specific applications involving HVAC equipment such as air handlers, hot water and chilled water pumps, and cooling tower fans. In the realm of industrial maintenance, American Trainco will look at a variety of other specific applications, including those requiring constant torque operation. 

Equipment operators, technicians and maintenance personnel as well as electricians and facility managers will benefit from attending this seminar. Course graduates will have learned how to solve common VFD problems resulting in reduced downtime. This means a lower cost of operation with less dependence on outside service contractors. Training will include AC motors, VFD configuration, component layout, applications, various control methods and installation requirements. Common problems and troubleshooting techniques will be covered, as well as VFD operation, setup, programming and preventative maintenance. Other related topics like power quality and harmonics will also be discussed.

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