Supplies at Work: Industrial gas turbine to be installed in natural gas pipeline network

Supplies at Work: Invensys signs technology agreement with Shell

Invensys Operations Management ( has signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract to deliver software solutions and services for Shell (

Invensys will provide a suite of its SimSci-Esscor simulation solutions to improve Shell’s global upstream, downstream and petrochemicals production. A critical part of the agreement will be Invensys’ ROMeo solution, an integrated software platform for simulation, data reconciliation, optimization and operations decision support.

Invensys will also supply its PRO/II, PIPEPHASE and DYNSIM software, along with several other software solutions, training and support services. The Corporate Enterprise agreement allows Shell access to Invensys software packages on a global basis within Shell’s IT infrastructure, enabling enhanced use of simulation software across all Shell business units.

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Supplies at Work: First order for Siemens’ SGT-750 industrial gas turbine

Siemens Energy ( has received a first order for the supply of its SGT-750 industrial gas turbine. Purchaser is Kassel-based WINGAS GmbH (, a joint venture of the BASF subsidiary Wintershall and the Russian company Gazprom, which operates a Germany-wide natural gas pipeline network extending more than 2.500 kilometers. The turbine, with a rating of 36 megawatts electrical power, will be deployed in the landfall station of the Nord Stream pipeline in Lubmin.

The Nord Stream pipeline, which in the future will link Europe with the large natural gas reserves in Siberia, will end at Lubmin near Greifswald in Germany. The SGT-750 turbine will be deployed in a cogeneration plant at the landfall station, where the electric power generated will be fed into the grid. The heat from the SGT-750 will reheat the pipeline gas which has lost pressure during its journey from Siberia under the cold ocean, and restore it to the temperature needed for further distribution, compensating for the Joule-Thomson effect which causes cooling of the gas during a pressure drop.

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Supplies at Work: The Mansfield Group selects IFS 360 Scheduling

IFS ( announces that The Mansfield Group (, one of the UK’s dedicated vehicle recovery and breakdown operators, has selected IFS 360 Scheduling’s Dynamic Scheduling Engine (DSE) to support them in meeting their 20- and 30-minute response time emergency breakdown calls.

With over 100 breakdown technicians on the road and many time-sensitive contracts to respond to, The Mansfield Group have a need for an ‘always optimizing’, truly dynamic, scheduling system.

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