Make your own wireless phone charger from a piece of wood

How long does your phone charger last before it becomes a mess of melted plastic and frayed wire? Before you add another factory-made charger to your cart, consider making your own. With a little ingenuity and a block of wood, you can DIY your own wireless phone charger.

According to Noah Feehan for Make Magazine: "I made these little Qi chargers in a few hours using basic tools and a mini CNC mill. This project is an ideal place to hone your skills if you’re just starting out with your CNC mill, or if you’re looking to try your first electronics-and-wood milling job.

This project gets even easier the second and third times you try it, and these chargers make great gifts for the people in your life who have Qi-compatible phones — they’re beautiful, unusual, and useful. Once you’ve modeled the Qi charging board in your CAM of choice, it’s easy to riff on the other factors: have fun experimenting with different woods, different shapes, making the charging LEDs visible, and so on."

To learn more, read "Mill an Elegant Inductive Phone Charger" from Make Magazine.