Homemade bug zapper is powerful, well-designed, and terrifying

As I sit here scratching a fresh mosquito bite, I realize that the worst thing about warm weather is the unending swarm of insects. The big-box stores are filled with cheap solutions that promise to stop insects from ruining your outdoor events, but they often prove ineffective. YouTuber styropyro took an average $4 bug zapper and transformed it into a terrifying contraption that is sure to haunt the nightmares of any bugs that see it. He utilized an ignition coil from a car to generate voltages high enough to light a wasps nest on fire. It should go without saying, but don't try this at home.

According to David Grossman for Popular Mechanics: "To give his swatter a sufficient upgrade, styropyro ultimately replaced almost all of the original parts all to take a device that can go on the offensive against wasp nests and yellow jackets. The end result takes the device from a humble 2750 volts, somewhat stronger than a photo flash, to a deadly 50,000 volts. While absolutely not safe for any social setting, the end result here shows the results when you really, really hate wasps."

To learn more, read "Meet the World's Most Overkill Bug Zapper" from Popular Mechanics.