Forget the bus lane: Now you can just drive under the bus

Buses are a great form of public transportation, but they can sometimes feel like metal dinosaurs causing traffic jams and crowding the lanes. But imagine a world where buses could glide on rails over the cars. This fantasy might soon become a reality in China.

According to The Guardian: "Plans for the so-called Transit Explore Bus or TEB were showcased earlier this month at a technology expo in the Chinese capital.

The “straddling bus”, which owes more to Blade Runner than China’s car-clogged highways, is supported by two legs that run along rails laid along the roadside.

Those legs allow the TEB’s giant frame to glide high above the gridlock at speeds of up to 60km per hour. Equally, vehicles that are less than two metres high will be able to drive freely underneath the bus, even when it is stationary.

“The biggest advantage is that the bus will save lots of road space,” Song Youzhou, the project’s chief engineer, told Xinhua, China’s official news agency.

Song claimed his buses, capable of transporting up to 1,400 commuters, could be produced for 20% of the price of an underground train and rolled out far more quickly since the supporting infrastructure was relatively simple."

To learn more, read "China unveils 'straddling bus' design to beat traffic jams" from The Guardian.