DIY: Upgrade your workshop by making your own mobile air cleaner cart

Is your workshop a dusty mess? We're all guilty of "forgetting" to clean up the messes we make while in the midst of a great weekend project, but excessive dust can take a toll on your health. So why not combine your love of DIY and clean air by building a custom mobile air cleaner cart? All you need is an old furnace blower motor and some filters.

According to Jay's Custom Creations: "Often times it takes a bad situation for you to make some necessary corrective changes. This is definitely one of them. While I’ve had the intentions of making an air cleaner for my shop for a while now it wasn’t until I got yet another sinus infection that I decided to take greater measure in regards to cleaning the air in my shop. My body definitely doesn’t like walnut dust and has no problem letting me know. I already installed a HEPA upgrade kit for my dust collector and today I’m making a mobile ambient air cleaner cart to clean the shop while I work.

DIY air cleaners are not a new topic. People have been making them for quite some time. All it takes is a decent blower motor to move a lot of air and some good filters. It doesn’t make much sense to make an air cleaner if you’re going to use low rated filters that won’t get the small, dangerous particles."

To learn more, read "Mobile Air Cleaner Cart" from Jay's Custom Creations.