DIY: Turn snacking into a sport with this cheese-ball machine gun

Are you looking for a good reason to get out and exercise, but you can't seem to put down the snack foods? Combine the two with this week's DIY project. All you need is a leaf blower and some PVC piping, and you, too, can make your own cheese-ball machine gun.

According to Popular Mechanics: "It's as simple as that—just get yourself a barrel full of cheeseballs, grab some PVC piping, and hunt down a leaf-blower. While the components may be useless on their own, together they can provide a revolutionary middle ground to water gun and paintball gun wars. Or go with the more peaceful alternative: Just have a friend plant themselves a reasonable distance away from you and start firing."

To learn more, read "This DIY Cheeseball Cannon Will Change Your Snack Game Forever" from Popular Mechanics.