DIY: How to build a high-powered Wiffle ball pitcher using your leaf blower

My puppy loves to play fetch with me in the back yard. He could spend all day chasing tennis balls, but I usually lose interest long before he does. Has this ever happened to you? Why not build a Wiffle ball pitcher that can give your arm a rest and your dog a real workout? All you need is a leaf blower and some PVC piping.

According to Popular Science: " Chances are, your leaf blower is collecting dust in a garage right now--and it will until this fall. So rescue that yard-clearing device for a far nobler purpose: blasting lightweight projectiles at top speed.

Channeling the air from the leaf blower through a simple assembly of PVC pipes turns it into a Wiffle ball pitcher. It can also hurl foam balls and even water balloons and snowballs, although heavier projectiles should be avoided."

To learn more, read "How To Build A Cannon That Shoots Wiffle Balls At 50MPH [Video]" from Popular Science.