DIY: Experience true level by making your own digital level

Despite our many technological advances, most of us still use an air bubble to determine whether something is level or crooked. But what if you need a more precise way to ensure that your picture frames, shelves, or DIY creations are level? In his latest video, YouTuber GreatScott! demonstrates how to construct a battery-powered digital spirit level.

According to Gareth Branwyn from Make: "In this GreatScott! video, Scott explains the basics of digital accelerometers and how he used that knowledge to create his own digital level that he then cased in a plastic 3D printed enclosure.

Like all GreatScott! videos, you can use it as a learning opportunity, as he clearly and graphically explores the underlying science and engineering, or you can just use the excellent build video and Instructables page to make the device yourself, even if some of the electrical engineering goes over your head."

To learn more, read "Learn About Accelerometers and Make Your Own Digital Level" from Make.