DIY: Embellish your next woodworking project using a homemade Spirograph

The Spirograph is one of the quintessential childhood toys. With a steady hand and a colored pen you could create hundreds of elaborate designs worthy of the refrigerator. But what if you could use your Spirograph skills for a practical purpose? One inventive woodworker has created his own Spirograph set to carve intricate patterns and shapes into his creations.

According to Timothy Dahl for Popular Mechanics: "Search for gear plans for your CNC router and cut them out in MDF or plywood. Size the pattern to fit your project as well as the capacity of the router. Drill a few holes into the inside gear and use a pencil to trace out a pattern you like.

Set up your handheld router with a 60 degree v-groove bit and a bushing for the router to sit in. Adjust the router so the bit is only sticking out a small amount and proceed to make your cuts while rotating the inner gear."

To learn more, read "How a Spirograph Can Spice Up Your Woodworking Projects" from Popular Mechanics.