Deter package thieves with glitter bombs and fart spray

The era of online shopping has created a new type of criminal: the package thief. Companies and shoppers alike are working diligently to find solutions to this ever-increasing problem, from enhanced home security to locked storage containers that can only be accessed by delivery people. YouTuber Mark Rober, however, created an ingenious solution by combining his passion for engineering and his love of “Home Alone.” After six months of designing and prototyping, Mark created a bait package that, when opened, covers the thief in 1 lb. of glitter while spraying fart gas every 30 seconds. The bait package even records the reactions of the criminals. In a recent video, Mark shares details of how he engineered this marvelous prank, as well as footage of several thieves getting their comeuppance. Kevin McCallister would be proud.