5 sci-fi questions answered by science

Have you ever wondered how much Yoda weighs? Could Thor's hammer exist in the real world? How many calories would a hobbit have to consume to make the trek from Rivendell to Mordor? These might seem like insignificant questions, but they might be the building blocks that propel a child's interest in STEM.

In the world of SciFi, it's customary to create worlds where the laws of physics are fluid. Anything is possible, and most authors and directors don't take the time to explain the nuances of each realm. However, nerds and scientist alike are taking on the challenge and using science and math to give reality to these mystical worlds.

According to Alan Martin for Alphr: "It turns out that the tools of physics, biology and chemistry give us some very handy building blocks for answering the pop culture questions nobody ever asked."

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