The lighter side of the brighter side

Every day, I talk with smart, creative people who comprise the fabric of industrial manufacturing around the world. On one special morning in April, I had the chance to spend some time at Schneider Electric's North American headquarters ( in Palatine, Illinois, with Ted Klee, senior vice president, North America supply chain, and Mary Ramsey, senior vice president, U.S. industry business.

I learned a lot from Mary about workforce planning and mentoring young talent; modernization technologies within facilities that are more familiar to younger workers and create openness and flexibility for wireless solutions; how to meet and adapt to changing production needs in a global society with local markets; and how the implementation of energy efficiency initiatives can mirror safety initiative implementations at manufacturing plants

I also asked Ted about how Schneider Electric reduced energy costs by $24 million, reducing energy usage by 30%, since 2004; how his organization has made energy a variable cost, instead of a fixed cost, in production; why Schneider Electric makes safety everyone’s responsibility and how that’s helped to reduce injuries by 75% since 2003; and how total productive maintenance ties into Schneider’s production system.

blooperI left with some fascinating insights that we’ve caught on video and will be sharing with you over the next few weeks, so be sure to watch for them. But first, the outtakes and the bloopers.