Power quality insights

This Thursday, June 9, 2 p.m. eastern time, Frank Healy, marketing manager, power quality, at Fluke, will be the lead presenter in our next Plant Services webinar. Healy, who many of you may remember from last month's webcast on motors and drives, will present some insightful details about power quality, as it related to electrical safety.

He’ll describe how to discover which loads are susceptible to power quality issues and which loads are contributing to poor power quality; explain how to perform safe and reliable power quality measurements; and reveal the best plans for taking a systematic approach to troubleshooting and turning troubleshooting data in to problem solutions.

The webinar will help you to choose the most appropriate measurement for the problem, use measurement to solve problems, consider mitigation solutions, and think about how loads might change in the future.

Set an hour aside on Thursday and register now at http://webcast.streamlogics.com/audience/index.asp?eventid=40540712.