Finally! Common test standards for air compressors

One of the best developments in the world of air compressors and dryers, in my opinion, was the adoption of a set of common test standards for air compressors and the implementation of a third-party verification program to ensure the results of the tests are reported properly. An organization called the Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI) accomplished this feat.

Now, users of this equipment can make apples-to-apples comparisons when they want to make informed decisions about air compressors and dryers. Users can navigate to the CAGI members' website and download CAGI data sheets for various new compressors.

I am constantly using the compressor data sheets in my work, which involves predicting the savings for customers if new, more-efficient equipment is purchased. Using this data, I can compare different makes and models of compressors and help advise my customers on the best type of equipment to purchase for reduced operating costs.

Since the implementation of these standards, I have noticed air compressor efficiency levels improving more and more as manufacturers compete to achieve better numbers. CAGI should be commended for this initiative. We can all benefit from this development by doing the analysis based on a properly done compressed air assessment and then purchasing the best machine for the job, which will reduce operating costs and make your plant more profitable.

For an example of how to use the numbers to calculate savings, read the article Calculating Compressed Air Efficiency.

Finally, to learn more about air compressor efficiency, consider attending one of Compressed Air Challenge’s Fundamentals of Compressed Air seminars. A calendar of upcoming seminars is on the Compressed Air Challenge website.