Is energy auditing and benchmarking a billion dollar industry?

Office of Energy Savings

Watson: I have some questions for you Holmes.

  1. How much money is spent in the U.S. every year training and certifying Energy Auditors and Benchmarkers?
  2. How much money is spent every year on Energy Audits and Benchmarking?
  3. How many people are employed by DOE, EPA, State Energy Agencies and Utility Companies administering Energy Audit and Benchmarking programs?

Probably most important question I have is, How much Energy and Money do Energy Audits and Benchmarking save every year?

Holmes: Quite frankly Watson, I doubt if anyone alive can answer your first three questions. All I know is that there are hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars spent every year on these programs with tens or hundreds of thousands of people employed.

I can answer your last question with 100% confidence – Energy Audits and Benchmarking save zero, zilch, zip, nil, nought, nothing. They are nothing more than Paperwork Exercises all Preparing to Save Energy.

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