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I recently found a post on the job site The Brilliant Career.com. It is looking for a Reliability Engineering Subject Matter Expert to work with a company from Southern Carolina. Heres their summary description.
Reliability Consulting Group is seeking a Reliability Engineering SME to provide technical and strategic expertise in terms of life cycle asset management implementation and the associated practices, to ensure maximum possible equipment reliability at minimum life cycle cost. This will be accomplished by process mapping and improvements in equipment reliability, availability, and maintainability that optimizes asset life cycle costs perform basic product design, testing and/or analysis work for a defined portion of a project.
I love consulting and I have worked as a consultant now for most of my professional career. I particularly enjoy consulting in the field of reliability engineering. (Which I also love)


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I get to travel all over the world, meet like-minded people, and talk to them about something that both of us have a lot of interest in. So a pretty good beginning... As a consultant, once you get the hang of it, you get to meet with companies when they have problems, and when you leave them they are better off. Sometime incredibly better off. If you are considering consulting as a career choice I would recommend it totally, check out the posts on this site if it takes your interest.