Are you a game changer?

Leaders  inspire.  They create other leaders, and they drive through the dips andvalleys of each project to emerge with the final victory. But more thananything else - leaders create other leaders. 

We alreadyknow that reliability will yield exceptional results for a company’s profit andloss when it is driven through and embedded fully. So why are their so manyprojects that don't make it to a successful conclusion?

Easy...because most "leaders" quit before it gets better, or worse - theysettle for mediocrity.

Are you thegame changer?

Are you theperson who can charge through the difficult times and inspire others to followyou? If you don't think you are then understand this. Leaders aren't born charismatic-  they become charismatic because they are leaders.

It's achoice. 

Can you buildup the lowest ranking person on your team to present to the highest rankingperson you have access to?

Can you makesure that everyone knows about the success stories coming out of your project?

Do you havethe courage to go against the tide and tell people that criticality analysisfor asset selection is a good way to guarantee failure rather than success?

Do you have itin you to take the position that maintenance frequencies are set by physics,not by optimization techniques?

Do you? And doyou have the ability to keep talking it up to your critics until they get thepoint that - one way or another you ARE going to get there.

Because if you can, you just might be able to change the way your company does business.