on 'Lean Six Sigma'

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  • Ahead of China

    The prevailing notion in modern manufacturing is that China has passed the U.S. in many disciplines, but a recent study reveals the contrary. Managing Editor Ken Schnepf examines why the U.S. is ahead of China in six-sigma and lean practices, as well as a variety of other areas.

    Ken Schnepf, Managing Editor
  • Lean operations

    All that data your CMMS has been collecting can be a great resource when you go on a diet

    now, most people have heard the term 'lean' used in some context such as lean thinking, lean enterprise and lean manufacturing. Let's explore what a maintenance department can do to support lean initiatives and how CMMS can provide support for a lean main
  • Don't let your lean maintenance department hold you back

    Downsizing has become so prevalent, it's hard to remember a time when we had sufficient staff to accomplish everything that we all know really ought to be done. Don't let people kick sand in the face of your skinny maintenance department.

  • The skinny on lean maintenance

    Participants in Plant Services latest Focus Group say that getting lean requires an understanding of how predictive technologies fit into the crucial balance between reactive, preventive and predictive efforts

    David Berger, contributing editor
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