Industrial Safety

Setting the foundation for an effective process safety program

Learn how to reduce process safety events from Dow.

By John Champion, Sheila Van Geffen and Lynnette Borrousch, The Dow Chemical Co.

The prevention of process safety incidents (PSIs) has received emphasis at Dow for a long time. In 1995, business and corporate environmental, health and safety (EH&S) leadership established formal goals to significantly reduce incidents over the next ten years. These goals provided the platform for driving breakthrough performance impacting employees, customers, communities and the environment. This emphasis yielded a more-than-threefold decrease in PSIs over those ten years.

In 2005, another ten-year goal was established to further reduce the number of PSIs and their severity by 75% and 90%, respectively. As Figure 1 shows, this goal was met in 2011 and sustained through 2015.

This article focuses on some of the key programs that enabled us to break through the plateau we had reached in 2005–2008 and continue to drive us closer to zero.

To learn more, read "Successfully Reduce Process Safety Events — Part 1" from Chemical Processing.

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