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10 reasons why field service management software might be right for you

FSM software can pick up the slack where other software solutions leave off.

Standard asset management solutions are not perfect for every situation. Variables such as diversity of geographic locations can affect the overall success of EAM and CMMS software. Many companies are investing in purpose-built field service management (FSM) software that offers improved coordination, collaboration, and information mobility.

Sheila Kennedy writes in a recent Plant Services article: "An increasingly popular solution is purpose-built field service management (FSM) software that automates and streamlines the complete service process, provides connected and disconnected mobility, and integrates with the installed EAM/ERP system.

Highly distributed operations such as refineries, pulp and paper, mining, and transportation are obvious candidates for this approach, as field work is fundamental to their business model. Their assets and equipment are situated across wide geographic areas and require efficient condition monitoring, inspections, testing, repairs, and installation. Similarly, OEMs and third-party service providers require mobility in the delivery of point skills, specialized services, and domain expertise to remote customer sites and assets."

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