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Survey results: Implementing operator training simulators at your plant

Explore OTS implementation practices, reasons for implementing, training methods, and specific benefits.

By Janice Abel and Rick Rys, ARC Advisory Group

Although a well-rounded program that includes classroom, online and on-the-job training is important, ongoing research indicates that for operations and other personnel in many types of industrial plants and facilities, operator training simulators (OTS) can be particularly beneficial.  This is because simulators enable operators to practice operations in a situational context. Unlike training on live control systems, operator training simulators can be used to practice real-life scenarios (both normal and abnormal) without the risk of adverse consequences. In addition to gaining an understanding how the plant functions, simulators can enable workers to learn how to solve problems and make better and faster decisions.

Research has shown that companies that have utilized simulation in training have workers that learn faster, retain information longer, and perform much better than workers who have only been trained through more traditional training such as on the job, on-line, or classroom training.

ARC Advisory Group recently conducted a research survey in conjunction with Control to develop a better understanding of how industrial organizations today utilize operator training simulators (OTS) and the specific benefits they accrue.  The survey examined various types of OTS simulation solutions used today, current implementation practices, reasons for implementing, training methods, and specific benefits.

To learn more about operator training simulators, read “Users chime in on benefits of operator training simulators” from Control.

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