The 4 pillars of the digital factory

Improved visibility into how equipment is performing and how to optimize production.

By Thomas Wilk, chief editor

Much of industry today operates on silos of information—on products, on customers, on manufacturing processes. But what if all these silos could work together with field data from products themselves as they’re being used? It’s not too hard to imagine the improvements in logistics, service, billing, sales, manufacturing, quality, inventory management and product development that could be achieved.

Such is the revolution in decision-making enabled by Internet of Things (IoT) technology and by the integration of IoT data with other business systems described at Smart Industry 2015 by JP Provencher, senior director of IoT solution strategy at PTC/ThingWorx, together with Rachel Trombetta, software director for DevOps & Service Reliability at GE Intelligent Platforms Software.

"IoT is real, IoT is now," said Provencher, "and machine data is not enough. Companies are already driving their IoT initiatives today" to bring detailed product usage data back into the hands of designers and marketing in order to achieve outcomes such as optimizing the next set of product features.

To learn more about IoT, read “Closing the loop on product usage data” from Smart Industry.

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