Career Development

What should companies do to avoid burning out their engineers?

How to reward engineers for their loyal effort.

By Dirk Willard

How many times have you heard this? "I work over 60 hours a week. It’s a contest to see who leaves the parking lot last around here." At first, you might think this is the bravado of a dedicated worker. On closer inspection, it sounds like the words of a worker at his breaking point.

Anyone who has worked 60-hour weeks will tell you it’s unsustainable. At most, you can work these hours for a six-month stretch; after that you’re useless for a few weeks but probably will be ready to go again in about a month. So, it’s small wonder this company went through so many people. They hired their staff young and these kids moved on in a year or so.

To learn more about work-life balance at your plant, read “Worry About Workload” from Chemical Processing.

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