What if all your devices could speak the same language?

Field Device Integration enables better communication at your plant.

By FieldComm Group

What if you could bring a United Nations translator to any country? You could talk to anyone, communicate exactly what you want, and understand them perfectly, too. Pretty sweet.

Well, that's what the FieldComm Group's Field Device Integration (FDI) specification does for field devices, host systems and controllers. FDI takes previously inaccessible data from them that was unusable outside their original protocol, and turns it into commonly reported and displayed information.

FDI combines standard electronic device description language (EDDL) software and elements of field device tool (FDT) software, which are both host-resident technologies. This is a significant development that was a long time coming, and it's thanks to an epic level of collaboration, years of contributed labor and financial support by former FDI Cooperation LLC and FieldComm member organizations, partners, developers, suppliers and individuals.

To learn more about FieldComm Group, read “FDI Empowers Communication” from Control.

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