Industrial Safety

How to measure the safety of your plant

Use continuous measurement, monitoring and visualization to understand your safety KPIs.

By Nancy Bartels

"How safely is my plant operating? How do I know? How does my plant's safety compare with other company plants? How does it compare across regions?" These are fundamental questions raised by Ajay Mishra, R&D program manager for Invensys in a presentation on functional safety and process safety management this week at the 2013 Invensys Foxboro & Triconex Global Client Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

Following the old rule that if you can't measure it, you can't control it, Mishra outlined a methodology for quantifying the performance of individual assets, departments and plants that can reveal to business managers just how well their plants are performing in terms of safety. The goal is to move plant management beyond the practice of occupational and functional safety to the wider view of process safety management (PSM).

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