On the Record: Scott Paul, Josh Estep and more

What is the industry talking about this week?

When the industry speaks, we listen. On the Record, our latest feature, offers a collection of quotes from industry innovators, maintenance experts and more.

What is the industry talking about this week?

The ultimate goal of predictive maintenance is not to find problems early, but to run plant assets at the lowest possible cost over their life as to best improve the financial position of the company.                                                            
  Josh Estep, reliability coordinator, Alcoa Warrick Smelter Operations

We know that military personnel have solid skills with good work ethics, and have much to offer employers. With SME certifications in hand, they will also have industry credentials manufacturers are familiar with — making it easier for vets to move into the civilian job market.
  Mark C. Tomlinson, Society of Manufacturing Engineers Executive Director and CEO                   
The Detroit News

It’s striking how clearly voters — Republican and Democrat alike — see strengthening manufacturing as the key to rebuilding the U.S. economy.
  Scott Paul, Alliance of American Manufacturing executive director

The goal of Manufacturing Day is directly in line with our mission to inspire the nation’s youth to pursue education and careers in manufacturing-related fields. We are eager to lend our support to get the word out, and feel that with enough involvement from the manufacturing community, the impact could be significant.
  Bart A. Aslin, CEO, SME Education Foundation