On the Record: Joe Biden, Gardner Carrick and more

What is the industry talking about this week?

When the industry speaks, we listen. On the Record, our latest feature, offers a collection of quotes from industry innovators, maintenance experts and more.

What is the industry talking about this week?

Folks, manufacturing is coming back.                                                            
  Vice President Joe Biden

So I’m extremely optimistic about the future of manufacturing. I’m actually optimistic about the future of manufacturing in the United States.
  Wayne Culbertson, Michelin North America’s executive vice president of personnel                         

Most employers are willing to do some training but need someone with basic skills. That's the reason we are turning to community colleges, because they're agile and able to.
  Gardner Carrick, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives at The Manufacturing Institute

There can be high unemployment and companies looking for employees. It doesn't seem to compute, but that's the way it is.
  Warren Young, CEO of Acme Industries
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