Plant Toon-Up: Compose your own caption

Plant Services unveils "Plant Toon-Up," a comical tribute to the world of industrial maintenance and engineering.

Do you need some maintenance for your funny bone? Plant Services is here to help. "Plant Toon-Up," the latest addition to, features one-panel wonders by artist Steve Herner that are guaranteed to have you laughing out loud. Join in on the mechanical mayhem and submit a caption for the cartoon that appears below. The winning caption will be featured on Plant Services' Web site and highlighted in the e-Newsletter.

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  • Lights out manufacturing, I figured a lights out plumber Daniel Morris
  • This is 'Spilferage'! Prabhu Raman
  • You don't suppose that is the new "Green " washing system the boss has been trying to sell us on, do you? Jerry Hill
  • Next time use more duct tape on the joint... Lowell Bailey
  • How is it that only this part keeps dissolving? Lowell Bailey
  • That switch from copper to platinum pipe might not have been such a good idea. Todd Lynwood
  • What the H___! Where's the ell? Kevin McGuinness
  • I thought he worked here because he was wearing the same uniform as you and he had his safety glasses on! Jim Higginbotham
  • But he said he used to work for BP!! Roger Adkisson
  • Think it will get worse before the next Shut Down? Tracey Schmidt
  • Where's the shut off valve??? John Farrell
  • Should I call Tony Hayward? David Cooper
  • How long do you think this will take! Tom Snyder
  • What do you mean he repossessed the automatic flow reducing thingamajig?  Steve Carter
  • Joe,  you have to be more precise while giving instructions to your crew;  you have to say ' grease the equipment in the plant'  instead of saying 'grease the plant.'  Sebastian Menacherry Thomas
  • I don't get it.  Why do you guys on the graveyard shift always have so many breakdowns? Blair Shaffer
  • Don't let leaks rob you of your resources. Dennis Snell
  • When I asked you to hang around outside, I never expectes this.  Donald Vanzile
  • But I thought we WANTED to go green. David Cooper

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