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Developing a safety program

Beyond lip service: The differences that add up to effective safety
It seems that every company executive, plant manager and supervisor is quick to espouse safety first, but are they? Are you?

Developing a health and safety program
A well-tailored safety program can save money and safeguard lives.

Principles of a safety culture
Reducing accidents and enhancing employee safety awareness may drive down insurance rates, the potential for fines, worker compensation rates and lost production time.

Culture clash of safety
Differences between good and bad safety cultures, according to Michael Hewitt, vice president, Global Workplace Safety Practice, DuPont.

Making the workplace safe
Safety professionals discuss ergonomics, incentives and what makes a good safety program

Safety is no accident
Plant safety and security has never been more important given the current political climate.

Incentive versus recognition: what really keeps workers safe
Getting workers involved in overall risk reduction activities

Machine safety systems ease troubleshooting, expedite repairs and improve safety
The conflict between keeping machines running and maintaining a safe working environment always will exist.

Eight key elements of an effective safety automation program
As safety standards continue to evolve and new technologies emerge, the challenge for many organizations is where to begin.

Changing unsafe attitudes
Addressing workers’ attitudes towards safety.

Toe the line
Electrical system safety and regulatory compliance begins with an accurate single-line diagram

High-priced mistakes
Editor in Chief Paul Studebaker says plant safety is too important to leave to chance, and that you can enrich yourself by learning from others' mistakes.

Signs of safety
People who visit many facilities and have the opportunity to compare appearances with attitudes and statistics.

Safety resources
A column dedicated to fostering the world’s safest workplaces

Don’t hurt yourself
Executive Editor Russ Kratowicz, P.E., CMRP, mines the Web for safety, ergonomics and training resources.

Taking health and safety to the field
Creating work-site specific health and safety plans.

Safety in the plant

Factoring reliability into safety systems
Functional safety builds on the existing safety structure approach by adding a time element: probability of dangerous failure

12 tips for improving welding safety
Welding safety is more than just a company program; it can improve productivity in addition to reducing the number of accidents and injuries.

Forklift safety is a “core value”
A comprehensive safety training program is always one of the most important elements in preventing injuries and death.

Safety versus profit
There are numerous technologically advanced products in the plant that increase the safety of our workers.

Caution: High voltage
Revised safety standards build on proven practices.

Combating contagious viruses in the workplace
Extending healthy and safety programs beyond workplace injuries

Plant safety, asset availability and corporate social responsibility driving asset management strategy
Global research suggests a formal, strategic, integrated systems approach can help reduce asset management costs, provide higher security and lower risk.

Guarding power transmission equipment
Injuries happen around power transmission equipment and they can be quite painful.

Clear communications
Optical fiber improves plant safety and reliability.

Safety on the dock
Following these five tips will help protect the material-handling crew.

Safety requirements for cutting and welding operations
Welding presents physical and chemical risks to workers, and following these precautions can keep you safe from any harmful effects.

Revised NFPA 70E clarifies electrical safety
The new edition eliminates doubts about safe practices and personal protective equipment.

How to help workers stand the heat
Heat can cause injury. Palms get sweaty and slippery. Safety glasses get foggy. Personal Protective Equipment becomes unbearable to wear.

Safety and the CMMS
Software can help reduce the risk of personal injury, says David Berger in his monthly Asset Manager column.

Safety versus complexity and cost
In this Web-exclusive sidebar, Martin Boyd, national product planning manager, Toyota Material Handling U.S.A., answers our questions about the real-world value of his company's patented lift truck stability control systems.

Fire prevention 101
Fires and explosions accounted for approximately 4% of workplace fatalities in 2006, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Hazard communication: Playing it safe with chemicals
Information is the first step toward ensuring a safe plant.

Heat Stress Management: Assessment and Control Strategies
The effects of heat stress range from simple discomfort to life threatening illnesses such as heat stroke.

Safety: It's a package deal
Training, awareness and engineering move 13 million packages a day

It's no skidding matter
There is science behind preventing slips and falls.

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