Abbott report reveals median salaries for engineering/technical jobs

More than 87,000 participate in 2004 survey

Abbott, Langer & Associates Inc., Crete, Ill., recently released its January 2004 report on engineering/technical pay in manufacturing. The report gives a sampling of salaries for various positions within manufacturing, including plant engineers.

Dr. Steven Langer, president of Abbott, Langer & Associates Inc., emphasizes that median income can be used as a guideline for salaries in a given area or company size. For example, while the highest annual income reported for engineering department managers/superintendents is $89,271, it varies widely by the number of employees. Engineering department managers/superintendents in firms with 50 to 99 employees have a median annual income of $73,231 versus $102,742 when there are 2,500 to 9,999 employees.

These engineering/technical jobs have the following median incomes, according to Abbott's survey:

Vice presidents of manufacturing/production engineering $113,226

Research and development managers $86,412

Chief manufacturing/production engineers $82,645

Product development managers $75,191

Chief tool engineers $65,312

Environmental managers $63,656

Industrial engineers $61,266

Chemical engineers $54,652

Project engineers $52,435

Plant engineers $43,741

Electronic technicians (senior) $42,525

More than 87,800 managerial, supervisory, sales, engineering, technical, clerical and blue-collar employees in 533 firms participated in the survey, which resulted in the eight-volume report, Compensation in Manufacturing, 23rd Edition 2003, sponsored by the National Association of Manufacturers.

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