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on 'Material Handling'

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  • Improve profitability with improved material moving

    Battery-operated tugs enhance safety by preventing operator strain and reducing potential collisions on busy plant floors, resulting in improved productivity and efficiency, ultimately impacting a company's overall profitability.

  • Five ways to reduce the cost of your industrial vehicle fleet

    In today's difficult economic environment, it is more critical than ever to shine a spotlight on your highest cost centers and evaluate readily achievable savings opportunities. Every day, your business is paying significant amounts of money to own and operate your forklift fleet. The cost for each truck can be over $250,000 per year — including operator salaries, benefits, overtime, truck leases, maintenance, damage and battery/fuel expense.

    Some approaches to managing industrial vehicles, like outsourced maintenance and traditional fleet management programs, help make costs predictable, but do not necessarily provide a meaningful way of reducing costs. Achieving productivity and cost benefits through the deployment of technology is a well-established concept, but can it be applied to forklift fleet and operations management? Can behaviors and costs that have long been considered just 'part of doing business' be changed?

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