How an integrated asset management system benefits the global enterprise


Every corner of your enterprise depends on the assets that keep it running, from the back offices to the storeroom to the shop floor and in the field. Thus, there is a widespread and pervasive need for timely asset information. Some areas require small rivulets of essential knowledge, while others are swimming in virtual oceans of data.

When asset management systems are paper-based or electronic but separate from other enterprise information systems, knowledge suffers. When interface programs connect asset management and enterprise business systems, risks and costs are incurred. The best way to assure seamless, real-time integration and global access to information is to implement a single-solution, pre-integrated ERP/EAM platform. The EAM solutions that ERP vendors offer have matured over the years and become increasingly functionally rich and competitive with best-of-breed EAM solutions. The most sophisticated have hundreds of integration points between the ERP and EAM built in.

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Author: Paul R. Neerhof, president, Global PTM  | File Type: PDF

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