Voices: Management Measures

Management Measures is a monthly column written by Stanton McGroarty CMfgE CMRP about the measurements that can equip factory asset managers to identify and measure organizational output and progress. Discussions typically include data sources and implementation techniques to help with the practical side of measurement and management.


Performance KPIs that live and breathe

Stanton McGroarty says you’ve measured performance; now supercharge the data.

By J. Stanton McGroarty, CMRP, senior technical editor

I just received a Christmas greeting from a friend and colleague in South Africa. It reminded me that he had once given me a file that listed and defined several hundred different KPIs. I was pleased by the gift, but I still haven’t reviewed it. I’ll probably get to it when I retire. Surely there are some great measurements in there, but finding them will be a serious chore. It’s a lot like the stream of data coming from a condition monitoring program. It’s designed to inform predictive maintenance (PdM) users, but first the data must be sifted to find the useful facts. Then the useful part must be translated into actionable information, packaged, and delivered to users. It also helps if the users are trained to interpret it and rewarded for doing so. More information on making data useful is available at www.plantservices.com/articles/2012/09-lift-pdm-data-above-information-din.

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