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VibrAlign is Out To Realign America

This library of videos, along with a sample of our most recent blog posts, embody our commitment to help industry use its resources more efficiently and effectively. This collection, based on the actual field work of our engineers and trainers, addresses specific issues with laser shaft alignment. As a result of our extensive and ongoing hands-on experience, we have developed a streamlined process for performing precision laser shaft alignment, which we have named "Verti-Zontal". You can learn more about this process and how it can improve productivity in facilities with rotating equipment from the content of this Knowledge Center or by contacting VibrAlign. We invite you to join us in our campaign to Realign America.


Shaft Alignment: The Power is in Your Hands

The New Fixturlaser EVO laser shaft alignment system puts the power of shaft alignment in your hands. The hands that power our world. The Fixturlaser EVO features the most compact sensors available, allowing set up in tight situations. But the sensors also feature huge 30 mm second generation CCD detectors. The computational/display unit is also compact, designed to fit your hand. You've got to see the new EVO.

Realigning America Tour 2014

VibrAlign and Lovejoy join forces to bring you the alignment and coupling free training event of the year. The Realigning America Tour 2014 will visit 24 cities in 19 states from April through October. The sessions will be tailored to address questions and issues submitted by you, the attendees. "Click here and attend for Free!"

Announcing Fixturlaser Dials Free App

The new Fixturlaser Dials App guides the user through the dial indicator shaft alignment process. Best of all the app does all the math. The app uses the Verti-Zontal Compound Move method created by VibrAlign, which requires just 180 degrees of rotation and uses live dial indicator readings to find precise alignment. Visit our website to download the app. To learn more about the features of the free Fixturlaser Dials app, click here.

Shaft Alignment Concepts: The Basics

Shaft alignment of rotating equipment is an essential part of machinery maintenance. This video, the first in VibrAlign's Shaft Alignment Concepts Video Series, presents the most basic concepts of alignment. Subsequent videos in this series will present alignment measurement and alignment correction concepts.

Dial Indicator Concepts: TIR, Validity Rule & TPS

This video guides you through three shaft alignment concepts (Total Indicator Reading, The Validity Rule, and True Position Sensing) with the help of a dial indicator. This is the first in VibrAlign's Dial Indicator Concepts Video Series.

Introducing the Fixturlaser NXA Pro

The Fixturlaser NXA Pro laser shaft alignment system from VibrAlign, the most innovative shaft alignment tool ever. The list of industry firsts includes MEMS gyroscopes, new inclinometers, 2nd generation scientific grade CCDs, redesigned power system for the industry's longest operating times plus 1-hour quick-charge. The gyros enable OMNIVIEW, which tracks and displays on-screen the view of the machine being aligned from the aligner's point of view. The gyros also mean that sensor positions and angles will be display even when performing a vertical alignment - no other laser alignment system can do that!

Realigning America

David Zdrojewski, CEO of VibrAlign, talks about the Realigning America program. Realigning America is dedicated to the men and women who are responsible for machinery maintenance, the people who keep America running. No matter what method or tool you are using to perform precision shaft alignments, you're invited to sign up for Realigning America. Let's take back manufacturing! To learn more go to

Compressor Alignment

Steve Gordon from VibrAlign -- -- shows a precision shaft alignment being performed on an Ariel KBB-V6 compressor being driven by a CAT 3416.

The VibrAlign Story

VibrAlign shares its story. VibrAlign believes in growth, both growth of its laser shaft alignment business and also the personal growth of it's people. VibrAlign wants to give back to its community and to the country. That's why VibrAlign is out to Realign America. Watch this video to learn more.


About VibrAlign

VibrAlign is committed to growth, both in its laser shaft alignment business and in its people.

Founded in 1983, VibrAlign provides value-added, easy to use shaft alignment systems and vibration solutions. We offer field services, training, and a range of laser alignment tools backed by superior customer service.

VibrAlign is proud to be the exclusive U.S. distributor for Fixturlaser alignment systems, included the Fixturlaser NXA and Fixturlaser GO Series. Our line of highly accurate and easy-to-use alignment tools also includes the Shaft Hog and the Belt Hog sheave alignment tool.

VibrAlign personnel are located in key cities throughout the U.S, with experienced service providers on-call. Whatever alignment or vibration problems you face, VibrAlign can help!