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Designed for Managing Assets

As a leading global supplier of Asset Management solutions we have been helping companies to cut their operational costs and increase their productivity for over 20 years. Our offering has grown to match the differing requirements of stakeholders in the market and to provide each with prime opportunities to increase their profitability.

Application Snapshot

Enterprise asset management (EAM) needs to be more than a glorified computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). And IFS Applications offers more. A lot more. As part of a complete enterprise suite, IFS Applications offers you the freedom to implement as much supporting functionality as you need to meet your asset management and other organizational requirements. Sure, you get maintenance scheduling, work orders and other functionality necessary for reliability-centered maintenance. But you also can extend your EAM solution with human resources, purchasing, risk management, finance, document management and more.

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CMMS/EAM Zone Review

More than ever, CMMS/EAM vendors need you, their clients, to succeed. Many have identified room for improvement and are focusing their efforts on four key areas: industry specialization, implementation, integration and functionality. The changes they wrought have prompted us to revise and expand the Plant Services CMMS/EAM Software Review, our detailed hands-on comparison of current offerings.

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IFS Compliance Management Executive Summary

Nearly every business industry is challenged with a staggering list of regulatory requirements set by different authorities or agencies that seems to change and grow every year. Compliance management ultimately comes down to an organization’s ability to answer two questions:

  1. How do we prove we’re following the regulations?
  2. How do we fix things when we’re not compliant?

IFS Overview Brochure

People often ask why our customers prefer to do business with us. One reason is our leading enterprise software designed and developed in collaboration with our customers to make them more agile. Another is our highly skilled people, whose industry and process expertise help make our customers more efficient and improve their bottom line. This brochure provides you with a look at what IFS—a global company with a Scandinavian heritage—is all about and why industry analysts repeatedly name us leaders in our field.

IFS EAM Overview

If your organization depends on the reliability of its plant and equipment, IFS' enterprise asset management (EAM) solution can help you improve the bottom line. By providing accurate, real-time information about your assets, the IFS solution helps you avoid equipment downtime, extend asset life, reduce service and repair costs, and maximize return on assets. Throughout the world, IFS is widely recognized as a leading provider of enterprise solutions for asset-intensive industries such as industrial manufacturing, aerospace and defense, automotive, energy and utilities, and process industries such as chemicals, pulp and paper, and food and beverage. IFS provides an end-to-end EAM solution that helps you manage all phases of asset lifecycle, from design through construction, operations, maintenance, and decommissioning. Unlike most enterprise software packages, IFS takes a holistic approach to lifecycle management, enabling you to maximize profitability over the lifecycles of all three critical components of your business: assets, products, and customers.

IFS MRO Overview

Whether you specialize in heavy maintenance, component repair, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) aftermarket services, or engine overhaul—your key business objectives are the same. To consistently deliver on time and quality, to conform to regulatory controls and continuously try to improve turnaround times in the most cost-effective manner; to provide your customers with the best value possible and maximize your profits. IFS Applications for MRO has been designed with these objectives in mind. IFS applications for MRO can meet your challenges, address your pains and provide you with a real return on investment—not only in the long-term but also with significant short-term gains. Read our brochure to find out more.

IFS Applications 9 Brochure

IFS Applications is a single, integrated product supporting the management of 4 core processes: Service and Asset, Manufacturing, Projects, and Supply Chain. Combined with our deep industry knowledge and software for critical business processes such as Financials and HR, it is a complete ERP solution for all your business needs. IFS is an application vendor, not a technology vendor. Our focus is on innovative use within the context of IFS Applications. We aim to continually build new innovations into our application so that all can get the benefits—not just those who are able to afford to purchase and integrate disparate applications and technologies.

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EAM that Addresses the Full Asset Lifecycle

As perhaps the only Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software vendor to address the entire asset lifecycle, IFS Applications provides an EAM suite that facilitates asset lifecycle management – even through periods of disruptive change. Our EAM Suite features:

  • Full lifecycle management of your assets
  • OA architecture provides scalability to implement new functionality at any time
  • Embedded project and document management
  • A complete and accurate view of your asset lifecycle
  • Traceability tools that prove the integrity of your vital assets

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Plant Services Video Technology Brief - Asset Management and Mobility

With mobile solutions, EAM providers are increasingly delivering anywhere, anytime access to data on real-time asset performance. Join IFS CTO Rick Veague as he explains how this deeper visibility into asset condition enables organizations to better align asset planning and management with strategic performance goals.

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IFS Corporate Video

IFS is a globally-recognized leader in developing and delivering business software for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Enterprise Service Management (ESM). IFS brings customers in targeted sectors closer to their business, helps them be more agile and enables them to profit from change.

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Business Agility with IFS Applications

New markets, customers, products, competitors and ways of working. More than ever, businesses need to plan for a very different, more changeable future. Planning for the unknown means being open to the possibilities of changing markets and business culture, and being ready to make the most of new opportunities. This is why we believe that vision is one of the foundations of business agility: the vision to choose and deploy adaptable software tools when you need them, without upheavals.

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Special Reports

How to Select the Right EAM Solutions for your Business

Enterprise asset management (EAM) software is a requirement for any business that relies on complex, expensive and mission-critical capital equipment. This special report reviews options for hosting EAM software, from SaaS and IaaS to on-premise, and demonstrates how the right EAM software will help you ensure asset availability and protect your organization's overall investments, from factories and power plants to jet aircraft.

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More Power to You: Optimizing Assets in the Utility Industry

Executives in power generation, transmission and distribution face challenges that are unique – so unique that they are not adequately addressed by many enterprise applications suites on the market today. From asset compliance management to compliance reporting, this special report showcases how innovative software solutions empower utilities to navigate changing market environments while meeting present and future business demands.

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Plant Services Special Report: EAM Now: Achieve Whole Life Asset Management

Enterprise asset management (EAM) software is a powerful tool for those responsible for maximizing the value of industrial assets as well as those who perform maintenance work on those assets. But often, EAM software falls short of delivering all of the benefits it could. Why is this? In this Special Report we take a look at how to get the most out of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software, successful enterprise asset management on an international scale and several implementations of real-world operational efficiency strategies.

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Special Report: Leverage Wrench Time with Asset Information Management

Wasted time is the enemy of wrench time. When maintenance technicians spend excessive amounts of time gathering tools and parts, arranging specialized equipment, searching for information or traveling to job sites, their value-added work time is constrained. Learn about the right strategies and tools available to streamline and improve your maintenance operations in this new Plant Services Special Report.

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Plant Services Special Report: Make Asset Management Software Your Biggest Asset

Even though asset management technology has made enormous leaps in recent years, in some ways it may have been easier to manage major assets 30 years ago than it is today. This Plant Services Special Report delves in to some of the latest technologies and practices for managing your plant assets. Download your copy now.

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Special Report: The Evolution of Asset Management

This Plant Services Special Report takes a look at CMMS and outsourced maintenance, CMMS software advancements, and Asset Care programs. Download this Special Report now.

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Special Report: BEYOND COMMUNICATION - Software integration's role in proving the value of world-class maintenance

This Plant Services Special Report takes a look at the impact communications strategies and reporting & analysis tools and strategies has had on productivity in today's plant. It also reviews how asset intensive industries can improve their overall equipment efficiency with asset management and maintenance, repair and overhaul tools. Download this Special Report now.

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Special Report: Beyond Communication - How Business Software Is Empowering Collaboration

This Plant Services Special Report takes a look at the strategies necessary for successful implementation of CMMS and asset management solutions in today's plants. This Special Report first identifies seven trends to address with a CMMS solution, how CMMS that uses knowledge management can be a competitive advantage, it also discusses the benefits of enterprise CMMS deployments and how to master asset management with projects.

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White Papers

IFS Applications Software for Energy and Utilities

IFS may be the only enterprise software vendor to get its start in energy and utilities. See what we offer this industry today!

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Selecting EAM for Design, Operate & Maintain

Process manufacturing, power generation, the upstream oil and gas industry and other industries are by nature asset-intensive. To a large extent, success depends upon intelligent management of big ticket capital assets. As executives at these asset-intensive companies face increased pressure to spread investments in fixed assets further and squeeze from them greater and greater returns, technology is playing a role in asset management. Powerful enterprise asset management (EAM) software has become a requirement rather than a luxury. But yet, most EAM software fails to offer broad enough or thorough enough functionality to truly maximize asset output while minimizing asset cost. In this whitepaper, we will analyze the reasons that this is the case and offer advice for navigating an EAM software selection cycle that delivers the functionality today’s executive requires.

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Why Asset Intensive Industry Needs Enterprise Mobility

IFS Applications™ is the enterprise suite of choice for the upstream oil and gas industry, and is committed to helping Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractors, drilling contractors, oilfield services companies and other suppliers to the industry realize all of the advantages that enterprise mobility has to offer. IFS Applications is number one enterprise asset management (EAM) software suite in the oil and gas industry, per ARC Advisory Group, and is used widely in the industry for everything from financials to inventory to project management and beyond.

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Selecting EAM Software for Enterprise Agility

Enterprise asset management (EAM) software is a requirement for any business that relies on complex, expensive and mission-critical capital equipment. These assets often have a lifecycle of decades, as can the EAM software used to manage them. However, companies and their assets are bought and sold, business models change, technologies develop and advance, and economic megatrends affect demand for what these assets produce. How can EAM software give you the agility to manage your asset portfolio over the long lifecycle and enable you to profit from change rather than be negatively impacted by it? Choosing the right EAM software will help you ensure asset availability and manage and protect your overall investment in the long term. See what IFS enterprise asset management software can do for your business - download the free white paper.

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5 ROI Tips for Enterprise Asset Management Software

Nobody implements enterprise asset management (EAM) software without an idea of what return they expect on the investment. But too often either due to selection of inadequate software, subpar implementation or poorly articulated goals, EAM software projects to not deliver a measurable return.

In this whitepaper, we will examine a few of the specific ways that EAM software can deliver that sought-after return, so you can plan your selection and implementation around these deliverables. These five EAM ROI tips should help you take advantage of the cost savings and revenue enhancement features EAM has to offer while avoiding the pitfalls associated with an overly complex or problematic implementation.

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Facilitating ISO 14224 with EAM software

There has always been a significant financial reward for high levels of equipment reliability in the oil and gas industry. ISO 14224 constitutes a "reliability language" that can be used to improve communication between parties involved in rig or facility operations and maintenance. In this white paper, you will learn how enterprise asset management (EAM) software that is prepackaged to support ISO 14224 can speed up compliance with the standard and ensure successful generation of valuable key performance indicators (KPIs) which comply with the standard that in the long run will be used to enhance equipment reliability.

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How to Get the Most out of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software

Enterprise asset management (EAM) software is a powerful tool for those responsible for maximizing the value of industrial assets as well as those who perform maintenance work on those assets. But often, EAM software falls short of delivering all of the benefits it could. Why is this? In this whitepaper, we will examine the reasons companies that implement EAM software may not derive the full benefit it could deliver. We will also offer advice to circumvent some of these stumbling blocks and try to realize the promise of EAM.

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Selecting ERP Software for the Mining Industry

This whitepaper offers tips on selecting ERP software for the mining industry. Most ERP products came from repetitive manufacturing and lack the powerful asset management and project management functionality mining companies require. Learn how you can you select ERP that can handle the entire mining project and asset lifecycle.

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Tips for EAM Selection and Implementation

This whitepaper describes the basic considerations in evaluating and selecting Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software, with a special emphasis on how EAM must help maintenance interact with other parts of the company in order to achieve reliability-centered maintenance. Also addressed are the basic steps to prepare for EAM implementation.

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Selecting Software for AIM: Asset Information Management

Any organization involved with large, complex assets needs the right technology to manage the design, construction and commissioning of these assets, and these systems need to carry over into the operations and maintenance (O&M) stages of the asset lifecycle. While enterprise asset management (EAM) involves managing the asset itself, AIM deals with the management of the information about the asset. This white paper, addresses not only the importance of AIM to asset management, but defines some key concepts and reviews the different ways the right enterprise software system can facilitate AIM.

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Maximize Uptime and Minimize Lifecycle Costs with IFS Enterprise Asset Management Solution

If your organization depends on the reliability of its plant and equipment, IFS' enterprise asset management (EAM) solution can help you improve the bottom line. By providing accurate, real-time information about your assets, the IFS solution helps you avoid equipment downtime, extend asset life, reduce service and repair costs, and maximize return on assets.

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Media Center

On-Demand Webcast: Manage Risk, Reduce Complexity with your Asset Management System

Managing assets for maximum utilization and efficiency, while minimizing risk, is a complex business. Many factors impact both operation efficiency and risk. Balancing these sometimes competing demands can be done, if you first understand the factors that drive risk and complexity, and if you have the tools and visibility to manage risk and complexity.

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Podcast: IFS Study Says Vertical Functionality in ERP is Lacking, Creating Business Risk

ERP for vertical industries is lacking according to this study from IFS North America and analyst Cindy Jutras. Jutras reviews functional gaps revealed in the study and discusses how these gaps create enterprise risk. The single largest gap is caused by a lack of enterprise asset management (EAM) in ERP.

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Podcast: Selecting EAM to take you to Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is one key deliverable from implementing Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software. But IFS EAM expert Jerry Browning explains that RCM doesn't come right out of the box, and a company needs to select EAM that will meet its changing needs on its journey towards RCM.

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Podcast: Seven Tips for EAM Selection

These seven tips for EAM Selection and Implementation from six IFS experts will be invaluable for companies in asset-intensive industries like utilities, oil and gas, process manufacturing and others. Learn how to use EAM to comply with PAS 55, enact lean maintenance improvements, support aftermarket service and more!

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Podcast: How Can EAM Drive Lean Process in Your Maintenance Department?

With pressure to adopt lean business practices intensifying, maintenance directors and senior managers of asset-intensive industries are relying on enterprise technology like Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) to eliminate non-value-added work and drive lean maintenance improvements. IFS EAM expert Mike Auer discusses the fine points of implementing EAM for lean maintenance.

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Asset optimization: Getting the right information to the right people saves time and money

In this webcast you'll learn about the critical factors for successful OEE implementation, and the impact OEE has on revenue. You will also learn about IFS's MaxOEE module and how it can be integrated with EAM systems to add operator and corporate dashboards in to the OEE equation.

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Podcast: Eliminate Communication Problems using DOM

Learn how to use Design Operate Maintain, or DOM, to eliminate communication problems between your maintenance and operations departments and designers working on your plant. Get new facilities online quicker and help engineers incorporate your wisdom and experience in their work with help from Christian Klingspor, IFS Senior Advisor for Lifecycle Management!

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IFS provides a broad range of enterprise, manufacturing, service management and asset management solutions. An integral part of IFS Applications, IFS' solutions seamlessly work together, enabling companies to employ lean enterprise concepts, control costs, manage projects, increase efficiencies in their supply chain, and measure their performance.

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