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IBM Maximo© Asset Management solutions have been a leader in Enterprise Asset Management for over 20 years providing comprehensive asset lifecycle management for improved return on assets on a modern standards-based platform. Enterprises use IBM Maximo Asset Management solutions to help maximize the performance and lifetime value of the complex assets found in asset intensive industries. With Maximo solutions, an organization can enable best practices and gain visibility into all their assets regardless of asset type or geographic location.

White Papers

Understanding the real risk for asset-intensive companies - Five myths behind the value of ERP solutions as an asset management tool

The goal of having one enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for all business processes is still popular, yet the idea is no longer practical, particularly in asset-intensive industries. There are some common misconceptions about the value, capabilities and deployment of ERP solutions in asset-intensive industries. In this white paper, several myths are discussed and demystified so that decision makers in these asset-intensive industries can better understand what the real risk is.


Complex manufacturing assets require integrated management

What goes into making that car? Or that engine? That industrial generator or pump? It’s a lot more than raw materials, that’s for sure. In turning out a product for market, manufacturers have to constantly track, assess and manage an extraordinarily wide range of physical, human and technology assets. It’s a complex process. And it presents huge challenges. This white paper takes a look at the challenges of infrastructure, people and applications. We review a plant’s physical infrastructure – and how to extend asset life for greater ROI. We take a look at aging workforces and how to avoid the retirement “brain drain”. And, we discuss operational applications: breaking down business silos and how to develop a comprehensive, unified enterprise asset management solution.


Optimizing asset and service management in the manufacturing industry

This white paper illustrates how integrated information enables critical capabilities demanded by modern manufacturing enterprises. It describes how integrated asset and service management solutions can optimize operations and provides customer examples.


Support lean manufacturing principles with IBM Maximo Asset Management

Improve efficiency while optimizing maintenance processes and reducing operational costs across all critical assets. This white paper describes how IBM Maximo Asset Management can support lean manufacturing by helping to improve asset reliability while optimizing the cost of maintenance and operations across a wide range of asset classes.


IBM enables a natural alignment with PAS 55 - IBM Maximo Asset Management provides the capabilities needed to achieve the benefits of this industry standard.

Significant amounts of money and time are spent managing business-critical assets each year. Yet there is still confusion over terminology and a wide variety of management approaches for these assets. While many of these approaches serve well, many can result in high-profile failures. To help provide a consistent framework for asset management systems, the Institute of Asset Management (United Kingdom) and the British Standards Institute (BSI) worked together to develop strategies to help reduce risks to business-critical assets. This project resulted in the Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 55-1 and 55-2, 2008: Asset Management standard, first published in 2004. This specification (standard) is the culmination of the latest thinking in terms of best practices in asset management systems. This white paper describes the background and objectives of the PAS 55 standard and shows how an enterprise asset management system such as IBM Maximo Asset Management can help organizations across a wide range of industries implement this standard successfully.


The Value of Integrating Health, Safety & Environment Processes with Enterprise Asset Management

Many asset-intensive industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, utilities, mining, and many others are rightfully concerned about the safety of their employees, corporate social responsibility in the eyes of the public, and sustainability for the benefit of future generations. However, what if accomplishing these objectives was to a large degree dependent on how well the assets are managed across the enterprise? This white paper uncovers a huge opportunity for achieving operational excellence through integration of a number of silo functions such as incident management, risk management, compliance management, management of change, health / safety / environment management, sustainability, energy management, and asset management.


The Role of Enterprise Asset Management in Communications Service Providers

This white paper discusses the role of enterprise asset management in CSP’s, and how to tap into the substantial improvement potential that comes from clearly communicated measures and targets, more coordinated planning, standardized and streamlined processes, better integrated supporting systems, and more accurate collection and analysis of data against targets. Ultimately, this will lead to greater customer satisfaction and profitability through a competitive strength of operational excellence.


Maximo Asset Management for the aerospace and defense industry

Using IBM Maximo Asset Management, aerospace and defense organizations are better able to track and manage the assets and performance levels that are critical to the overall performance of the organization, enabling organizations to take a holistic approach to asset management.