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Ground-Faults and Ground-Fault Protection in PV (Photovoltaic) Arrays

Ground-fault is the most common fault in PV. If not properly protected, ground faults in PV arrays could result in large fault currents which may increase the risks of fire hazards.

The NEC (National Electric Code) states that grounded (Article 690.5) and ungrounded (Artilce 690.35) PV arrays shall be provided with a ground-fault protection device to reduce fire hazards.

This technical paper covers:

>Definitions of ground-faults

>Causes of ground-faults

>NEC standards for ground-faults

>Product specifid recommendations

Download Ground-faults and ground-fault protection in PV (Photovoltaic) Arrays paper now.


 Arc Flash Info Center

A complete website dedicated to Arc Flash Hazard Information.

For years, Mersen has been heavily involved with arc flash testing and research, and we have a wealth of experience to share - what arc flash hazards are, how to protect workers from them, and how various regulations affect plant procedures.


arcflash Info center

Surge Protection

Damage from electrical surges is one of the leading causes of electrical equipment failure. Most surge spikes originate from within the facility itself. Any facility with motors stopping and starting, light load panels being turned on and off frequently and other potential power disturbances is at risk for damage caused by a surge spike.

arcflash Info center

The following articles will provide insight into how to select and specify surge protection.

> What Is the Surge-Trap® SPD?

> Important Changes to UL 1449 Safety Standards for Surge Suppression

> Navigating the UL Safety Requirements for Surge Protection

> Buyer beware: SPD and UL Markings?

> Is There a One Size Fits All SPD?

> White Paper; Standards & Codes Note 3: Understanding SPD Codes & Standards, and TPMOV Technology

> Surge Protection Note 1: Introduction to Specifying Surge Protection - TT-SPN1

> SPD: Is Your Surge Protection Device Specification Up to Date?

> SPD: Understanding Ratings for Surge Protective Devices

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