This Week In Plant Services

February 2014 issue explores the intelligent value chain

Learn about big data in the material handling industry.

January 2014 issue explores the pulse of dust collectors

Learn about compressed air's role in minimizing cost and maximizing system efficiency.

Learning lean practices at AME Chicago 2012

I had the pleasure of attending AME Chicago 2012 last week. Despite the rather dreary weather, the atmosphere inside the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers was one of optimism, intrigue and camaraderie. Lean manufacturing is not a new concept, but rather an evolving mindset that takes time to implement and...

The magic Electric Odyssey bus

When was the last time you had an exciting, educational experience on a bus? If you're thinking back fondly to an elementary-school field trip, then it's time to introduce you to the GE Electric Odyssey Tour bus.

Blogging around with Plant Services

The Plant Services blogs has been busy this week. Our editorial staff has been working tirelessly to bring you maintenance tips, tricks and opinions that you can use to better manage industrial activities at your plant.

They say it's your anniversary, Mike Bacidore

Mike Bacidore will be celebrating five years with Putman Media this Monday. (Three cheers for celebratory lunch!) Although he started out on Control Design (view Mike's articles on, he's really connected with our maintenance and reliability readers. Plant Services would not be the same without him.

We want to hear from you

Say hello to Ron Stallworth. Ron is the global business manager for asset management at Honeywell and the first person to be added to our interactive Where in the World Is Plant Services? map. Ron showed us his Plant Services pride at the Honeywell Users Group in Phoenix, Arizona.

The night of the living Maintenance Evangelist

I like to think that is practically perfect in every way, but we need your ideas, input and insight to make it better. That's why we created our latest digital survey. It's only 18 questions long and completely anonymous.

Up close and personal

Greetings from a cubicle in Illinois. We are hard at work here on the June issue, and I'm already on my third cup of coffee. Do you want a sneak preview? I can't divulge too much information, but if you are a fan of lean maintenance, vibration analysis or boiler...

Life's a beach, why not caption the moment

It's been a rather quiet week here at Plant Services. Most of the team is at the Ultrasound World VIII Conference in Florida learning about leak detection, electrical testing, mechanical inspection and software. When they're not sitting in on short-courses and tutorials, they're doing "work-related" relaxing on the beach.