5 top takeaways from Automation Fair 2015

Connect the dots between investments and outcomes, culture trumps technology, and more

rockwell automation

When it comes to building the "connected enterprise"—that beautifully smart network of machines and facilities that will enable an industrial production company to make data-driven decisions and respond quickly to changes—you don't have to try to do everything at one time. But you do have to do something now.  Rockwell Automation CEO Keith Nosbusch That was a key take-home message at Rockwell Automation's 24th annual Automation Fair, held this week in Chicago. Attendees (from among a record-setting more than 18,000 registrants) converged on McCormick Place to check out the latest offerings from vendors and hear perspectives on what it takes to build and take…

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  • How to change your company culture to achieve The Connected Enterprise

    By Beth Parkinson, Rockwell Automation

    The biggest obstacle you may likely face in developing a Connected Enterprise isn't technology. It's internal resistance to change. It's human nature to be wary of change — because change requires effort, it's uncomfortable, and the outcome is always uncertain. That's why it's vital to focus on…

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  • Save energy and prevent injury with improved insulation

    By Riyaz Papar

    I spend a significant amount of time in petrochemical plants, refineries and process plants. When I review the major on-site energy consumers at these sites, I find myself looking at steam generation and direct-fired process heaters. Depending on the specific plant, these two behemoths can use…

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  • What you don't know about cybersecurity could cost you

    By Jim Montague, Control

    It's easy for me to say that effective cybersecurity must be always on and always aware. However, the other shoe falling is that knowing about vulnerabilities, probes and intrusions is only useful if you can do something to stop them. Unfortunately, because most cyber-threats, viruses and malware…

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  • How culture can make or break your company

    By Steve Diogo, Control

    In discussions around the technological and workforce transformations occurring in the manufacturing industry, one topic repeatedly arises as an obstacle that can derail the transformation companies need to make in order to succeed as Connected Enterprises. It's not cybersecurity or isolated data…

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  • How IIoT is changing the energy industry

    By Jim Montague, Control

    Electricity and natural gas didn't get much thought from most industrial users beyond when bills came due. Not anymore. Today, users are increasingly aware that power and energy can have huge impacts on their bottom lines, and so more manufacturers are making them part of their overall efficiency…

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