Focus on predictive maintenance success

Industry leaders share advice on building the right PdM program for your plant

Sheila Kennedy, Contributing Editor

Transitioning from reactive or run-to-failure maintenance modes to more efficient, predictive maintenance (PdM) necessitates often hard fought strategic investments. Fortunately, lower condition monitoring technology costs and affordable implementation alternatives are taking the edge off of this debate and encouraging more rapid and widespread adoption. PdM is a proven, proactive approach to preventing failures, eliminating machinery defects, and improving reliability while minimizing unproductive maintenance and costs. Successfully implementing a PdM program requires balancing budgets, goals, and existing resources against business priorities and technical…

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    One of the factors that separates process plants operating reasonably well from those achieving a high level of excellence is how a plant uses information. Best-performing plants achieve their status by reducing production outages through proactive maintenance. This increases revenue generation and…

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    By Tom Moriarty, P.E., CMRP, contributing editor

    Have you ever been told, or decided yourself, "There's too much work to do and not enough resources to get it all done"? How do you know whether you have enough people? How do you know whether your workforce is working efficiently? My company recently has been working with an organization that was…

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    By Thomas Wilk, chief editor

    Since the birth of the smart transmitter in the early 1980s, manufacturers have chased a vision of using intelligent technologies to drive automated process and resource efficiencies on the plant floor. The latest manifestation of this vision is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), also known…

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    By Plant Services

    When rotating equipment is off-balance, your plant can be knocked offline. That's why precise machinery alignment is critical. No one runs misaligned machinery on purpose, of course. But problems occur when we don’t know, so how do we detect when there are issues? “If increased vibration…

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  • Smart machines get more efficient

    By Jim Montague

    “Smart technology” and “intelligence” are two terms that are frequently heard in plants throughout the world. But what do these words really mean, and how will they impact your other operations? Nowadays, machines and their controls are being endowed with more of the analytical capabilities…

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